One of those days...

Well, the title says it is just one of those days!

- Woke up early only to find that the toilet door is locked by my floor mate
- Searched for hours for my lost ID card only to find it in car
- Drove to the small alley leading to the carpark only to find a cab blocking the entrance
- Drive down to the carpark only to find someone parking slower than an 80 yr old person running a marathon
- Walked to work only to be blocked multiple times by tons of people seemingly to be going in the opposite direction
- Spoke to a colleague on what the boss wants only to find out from that colleague that the boss changed his mind the previous night
- Ordered a latte only to remember I had some indigestion the previous day
- Asked to arrange for a farewell only to find out that the person leaving will not be available
- Borrowed a camera only to find out that those to be video'ed are not around
- Worked on a clip only to find out that I forgot to save it after it hung
- Drove home only to find the parking lot I park in 200m away from the house has been taken

Wow...I'm really good at whining... should make it a profession!! Hehehe...

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