A day at work..

Early in the morning, and my boss was moving around the office. I caught him and asked him a question for 2 seconds, "You going?" and his response was "2 seconds up". A while later, he called me to his room, "Come, come", and we started a conversation. We're going on a trip to UK but there seems to be so much uncertainty that up till the last moment, he doesn't even know if he's going. So we had this conversation on who should attend and what needs to be done. We finished the conversation with him saying "Now you're updated ah". I left the room and an inquisitive colleague spent the next 3 hours trying to find out what we spoke about or if I had resigned.

At noon, most of the guys went missing.. some went to the doc, some went for meetings and some others went AWOL. Ended up spending lunch hour at Starbucks. Its a blessing that I bought that book. Had a nice cup of latte and an almond butter cake while I caught up with some reading. I'm at Chapter 4. My reading speed has severly deterioriated, possibly due to lack of sleep or just pure lethargy. But its nice enjoying a book at a comfortable pace, though 'The Catcher in the Rye' is perhaps not the most interesting of reads.

Went back and caught up with a colleague whose last day at work was today. It just seems nice, that people are doing things they want to, rather than being constrained in an environment where you hardly know what you're doing or where you're going to. Its also nice just having casual banter once in a while. Its a refreshing change to overdose crapping or overtly serious discussions.

Spent the rest of the day drafting and sending emails to those people we would be visiting.

All in all, minus one or two tea breaks, thats about the entire day at the office.

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