Happy Chinese New Year!!!!

Back in KL for new year. It's the first day of the chinese calendar, and already I'm feeling a little lethargic from all the visiting and smiling. Its feels good though seeing my father and family members after such a long time. Pity though my cousin brother is in Muar with his in-laws, and I wont be able to see him or his spouse and child this new year.

Got a whole load of ang pows from family members, a stack thicker than my wallet. Market price for ang pow fillings seem to have dropped from $50 to $10, probably due to negative sentiments of the upcoming recession. Current count for ang pow collection have passed the $1000 mark, though I've only visited half the family. Heee.

Also, spent half the day on the bus though it was new years eve and also the day of my birth. Wanted to post the gifts and wishes I received from the nicest people in the world. But I am using my cousin sister's com and I don't have an erricson cable to transfer the phone pics. To those that remembered, thank you so so very much. It's really touching to know that there are people that actually remember insignificant me.


adriantai said...

yo... 1 year older already leh... :)

anyway, check out http://www.adriantai.com for some photos of you and steven in action.

will youtube the video later. :)

Phenom said...

woi... dun simply youtube me le... my face precious wan leh... hahaha