Me...the property mogul...

Got an sms yesterday from an old colleague asking me how much I bought my place for. Seconds after replying him, got another call from a relative, asking me the exact same question. Then came a long half hour of questions.... on why I bought it, why I didn't convince my other relatives to buy it when it was lower in price, how I knew the price was going up, which unit to buy if someone wants to buy from the free market etc etc... Oh wow...I just don't know what hit them. Its like someone just told them I was a real estate agent or some property mogul. Then I remembered that he vaguely mentioned that there was this newspaper article.

Turns out that someone posted an article on the newspapers saying that the buildings at our area might double in purchase price. Joke was that 1) those that wrote the article were probably real estate agents that had a vested interest in increasing the unit prices, 2) price increases due to existing information like the IR and cost of materials were already factored in the current pricing, 3) what they wrote in the article everyone already knew 6 months ago.

So, after getting the place for over half a year... everyone reacts because the newspaper publishes a stupid article? Oh well, really shouldn't complain, cos the more people believe in such news, the more the price of my unit will appreciate!! hahaha.

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