Einstein, Duck Liver and some Sorbet

Dinner time, and we decided on a french restaurant called La Petit at Serene Center. We've been there before, and I reckoned that this time, I could get a photo with the chef... someone who awfully resembles Einstein. He only comes out to read the order, then goes back to the kitchen, so getting him for a photo shoot would prove to be difficult.

We felt like seafood, so we ordered sea prawns with wholegrain mustard and some ravioli with prawns and foei gras (duck liver). Duck liver tastes just like pork liver...wonder why the former is a delicacy and the latter is just pork liver. La Petit always serves the lightest portion, not for the hungry, but just right for those with a small appetite. The waiter got my order and the chef came out. He looked at what I ordered and said "Can u order something easier to cook?" and the waiter responded "What? Like Mee Goreng?". And before I could even throw a cup at his head to catch his attention, he was back in the kitchen. Oh well, there's always a next time.

We finished our portions of dinner, and headed next door for pulut hitam and pear sorbet.. one scoop a person, learning from the challenging time we had finishing 4 scoops of teh tarik, horlicks, something that tastes like milo, and something else that tastes like tartufo.

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