Where got old aunty??

We were at Vivo City getting some transparent containers to contain my hoards of stuff accumulated over the year. Thank god they invented the trolley, or my back would've given way carrying 4 huge containers to the car. When we offloaded the container, the first thing that comes into mind was, where is the old aunty who collects trolleys and gets the $1 stuck in there?

This time, cannot find the old aunty leh... so we looked at each other and decided that we shouldn't let the trolley hang in the car park lot. Then we did the unthinkable. We decided to push the empty trolley cart back to Giant!! (actually, we kiam la...want to save that $1, I was lamenting that we probably earned more than 10,000 times that amount and we do such stupid things to get back $1). We pass through the car park, took a lift up 2 stories with the empty trolley, walked past the restrooms, past a long and winding corridor, back to the main area, pass the newstand we bought newpapers from and finally back to Giant.

Now that I think of it... where is the old aunty when u need her??!?

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