Feels like stupidity..

If there was an award for being stupid... I guess I would win hands down...

On the way home, I dropped my other half back to her place and she took some stuff out of the boot. I realised something was wrong, and went down the car to check. There and then, I realised that the boot was open. I tried 2 times to get it closed, but it just popped right back open everytime I close it. So, having learnt the trick of using a pen to temporarily disengage the hazard lights, I stuffed a pen in and drove on. When I reached my place (ya the new place) I tried once again to see if any part of the boot or locking mechanism was faulty. I took out the pen, and tried closing it once more, but it popped back open. Then I guess something just dawned on me. I don't have strength... have been carrying stuff for the whole week, I guess I really was feeling a bit weak. Using a bit more strength, I closed the boot again, and it popped shut. Opened it once more and tried again, and it closed shut real nicely. Ya, I think I better rest more and eat more rice... hehe

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