Isn't it ironic....

Sometimes, things are just plain ironic. Wonder why I always feel so outta place. Guess I can make a list that even Alanis Morisette would be proud of.

a) I drink 8 cups of coffee a day to stay makes me sleep
b) I drive to work... then walk 15 minutes to get to the office
c) My job title is "Specialist"... I do anything that no one else wants to do
d) I'm assigned to go back to my home country...... to represent another country.... on a subject which I know nuts about....
e) I like going to kbox to sing chinese songs..... I can't read chinese
f) I bought a 30" LCD TV.... and its doing a good job collecting dust under the bed
g) I shifted to a new room with air-conditioning!! Yaay!! ... But I don't like being cold le..
h) Every night, I set the alarm to wake up early .... somehow, I never fail to be late

Could probably go on and on and on... have so many more examples that makes my life really ironic... how I wish life was just simple...

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