Errr... u sure people wear that?!?

Hehe... just a little something I found at someones house..

Wonder who wears these hehe... I'm not saying, else I face the full brunt of Diablo..

But can you imagine your kid in this? hehehe.. hopefully not male la.. If male might catch a cold.. hehehahaha
Parents, pls inspect the pants before buying.. if no your kid wear dam paiseh la.. hehehehe
Guess whether the hole is front or back....hahahahahhaha...


Jing..xx said...

Actually kids in China do wear such stuff. Hole is at the back lah... It's for... convenience. The kids wear such stuff even in winter where they are all bundled up on top. Do they catch a cold? Maybe they are used to it.

Phenom said...

yah...very convenient man.. hehe