Yeah man! Shippuuden is here!

Had a difficult time getting the remaining episodes of fillers for Naruto after the tipoff from my buddy that Naruto is back on the main plot. Well, it's about time, since we are all terribly bored with rasengan and the same old stuff from the rest of the Genin. So, Naruto grow a few inches taller, and Shippuuden is now on its third episode, but Naruto, albeit having tons of training, is still using a clone assisted Rasengan? You'd have thought, after two years, that he'd be able to execute one without a clone. Anyway, watching them going back to the main plot is a blessing. Bleach has gotten leaps ahead of Naruto in the fan run due to its slow but still palatable filler of the Bounto. Its about time we got more outta the orange shirt guy than another one of his will power induced victories.


Gunny said...

Exactly! you will have tot he figured out how to do a 1-handed rasengan. just finish d/l bleach 118. but this week no naruto .... :o(

Phenom said... least Sakura has superhuman strength... naruto has...err.... what does he have?