Kana bang also must pay....sian man..

Was heading home on a Friday night to get some well deserved sleep. As I was making a U-turn to go to the HDB car park at Teck Whye, there was a huge impact on the rear of my car, forcing me to swerve and stop the car at the roadside. When I regained composure from the shock, I realised that I was hit by a vehicle coming out of the slip road.

The car that hit me went in front of me and stopped. An old uncle, which I think is in his 60s, came out and asked me what should be done. I didn't have an accident report form at that moment, so, following what is commonly done, I asked for his IC and contact number and took down his car number plate. I did the same for him as the uncle told me he was illiterate and couldn't speak english. The uncle explained that he saw the traffic light turn red and assumed that there were no cars around. So, on the spot, we decided that we would claim insurance as the rear side fender of my car was sunken in.

All was well, at least until late afternoon the next day. His "friend" called me to tell talk about the accident. He then went on to explain that he was a claims person and he knew the loopholes to the trade. He started by saying we should not dwell on whos fault it is in the accident. There are only 2 options for this case: One, I send the car to his workshop, where they will not replace the bumper, but will only make good by doing a localised touch up. If it is not satisfactory, then he will give me a little bit of cash to compensate. The second option, if I were to decide to claim insurance, he will put up a claim to say that I U-turned, swerved and scratched his car, which obviously would be a lie, but he would do so just to avoid paying a few hundred dollars more for the reduction in NCB. He further claimed that this case is 50:50 as he can fabricate what story he wants in the report.

Considering that I've already sent the car to the Borneo Motors workshop for assessment, sending the car to his workshop would mean that I'd risk having my warranty revoked. Furthermore I'd have to live with the substandard repairs. If I don't send it to his workshop, then he would lie through his ears to get away with paying the full amount, and likelihood is that I'd have to pay half the amount in repairs which is about $350 and both our NCBs will increase. So either way, I lose.

Of course I'd prefer option 3, where he pays for my full repairs by cash i.e. $700, and I don't claim insurance, but that wishful thinking.

It's just sad to know that when someone bangs your car and decide to lie about it, you'd not only have your car damaged, but have to pay for other peoples fault as well. Worst thing is, there is totally no recourse for such action and you have to live with it. Just wonder why people are willing to do such bad things just to save a few hundred bucks. Hope they get punished in hell.


adriantai said...

eh, go make a bl00dy police report la... but i dunno how it works in SG, but in Malaysia, it must be within 24hrs.

and you'd win coz:
1. bang you from behind...
2. if u scrape his car also his fault since it means his car is too far out... if u swerve and hit the car, it would have been front damage, not back
3. where the f*ck was your handphone la...?!? should have taken a few photos of the accident and the IC. if the photos dun work YOUR way, it just got 'accidentally' deleted from the phone... :)

would have thought after so many mishaps with your car, you would have been 'smarter' by now... kekeke... engineers! :P

seriously, hmmmm... nothing much you can do now. so, how is it... the fella fix it properly or not?

Phenom said...

Singapore is different la... insurance here suck...people here tell lies and claims here get stuck for ages.. end up either way also u pay..