Dunno why, but everytime I go to the bookstore, I get fixated with looking at diaries. Not that I do write one, but when I was like 18, I wrote almost 2 weeks of my daily accounts on some pieces on A4 paper. I guess this blog can be considered something like a diary. But if I was to keep this, I'd probably have to print it all and file it somewhere. Contrary to popular belief, I don't think I can write a diary. Writing reports alone give me a headache. And my life is nowhere more interesting than a fly in a jar.

So I guess I'd stick to blogging for a little while longer. Since I've already done it for 2? 3 years?

Ooh, and I just realised I am also fixated to white books. I bought Letters to Sam by Daniel Gottlieb a while back, and till now, I haven't finished it yet. Saw it on the popular shelf in a new red cover, and somehow, diden feel like I'd bought it, if it was red in the first place. Not that I'd read it anyway.

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