Boss and Car

Didn't do much today.

Was ready to leave office, when the boss gave me a call on my hp.
"Tee Hui, u know how to start a car with no battery?"

Ooh, ok. That meant that I had to look for someone with a starter cable. After asking like tons of people, finally found a jiu xing (saving star) that got cable. Then we rushed down to get his car started. My colleague drived her car in front of his and I told him, "Chances are 50/50... either u die or ur car starts."

Next question, which cable goes where. My boss takes out a handbook and starts reading item 3.3. In the mean time, I put the red to the red + sign bolt and the black to the unmarked bolt on both car batteries. The handbook doesn't tell which is red and which is black. So we have to assume it was correct.

I told my boss he might get electrocuted when he takes out the cable. Then my colleague took out a cloth from the boot and passed it to me. I was about to pass it to my boss, but he was looking elsewhere. So colleague started her car and revved it to 2000rpm... like the handbook says. My boss starts his engine and revvs his to 2000rpm too. It works!!

Then come the time to take out the cable. Surprisingly, everyone looked elsewhere again. So I said to my boss, "Take care of my family if I get electrocuted". Good thing, nothing happened when I pulled out the cable.

That's like ingesting some adrenaline after work ends.


atai said...

if i get asked "u know how to start a car with no battery?", my answer would be NO cause no battery can start meh? battery flat ok la... i'd just ask "your car battery got stolen ar?"

Phenom said...

ya la ya la... u witty la... hahahhaa