Life... is a wierd thing. There are just so many things we think we know and we understand, and the next second, we realise that we know nothing. Sometimes we feel that things are unjust, but the next second, we realise how minute or small those things are compared to what we are facing. Then when time goes by, those things that we faced in turn becomes minute or small. And we laugh at how serious we felt things were when we faced them back then. But if we do face them again, we become small once more... and wonder why and how we had the strength to feel big.

Death.. in turn, is like a fleeting image. It's non existent when we were young. Takes form when we get matured. And takes away people we need from us as we go through life. Some fear it, yet others think of it as an outlet. Death, as opposed to life, has nothing to be understood. Nothing to feel small about. Nothing to be faced. Yet we scorn the fact that people will leave us permanently.

Perhaps life is a prelude to death or death an answer to our problems in life. Or perhaps, life and death are exclusive... and we decide how we feel about the people we have in our lives.... and people that have left us. I'd subscribe to the latter.

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