Waaa piang!!

Was driving along Rochor Rd in the morning when I saw this. I thought "phew, lucky I'm not driving behind that thing"...The 1m by 1m concrete blocks are just sitting on top of that thing with 0 restraints. If it falls, there goes your car! (or if you're unlucky, there goes u!!!)
And guess what.... In the evening, I end up behind the same idiotic truck with even more concrete blocks!!


adriantai said...

if they are blocks and not cylinders, dun worry la... blocks dun just roll off by itself! funny i should be telling an engineer that! ;)

Phenom said...

eh i scared it turn bend la.. centrifugal force on heavy weight placed on high cg... dangerous lei..
anyway, suck in physics.. thats why i only attend chang's class and skip the other one.. wahhaa