A minute away..

I got into the lift after work. Was feeling a little tired and lethargic. This guy with a green shirt and an extremely bubbly look came into the lift and saw a solemn face in the lift. The lift moved down and I pressed the wrong floor. I had to walk up to the next level. It took me another 1 minute or so to get to B1. I entered the car and drove out of the carpark. Just as I exit the carpark, I saw a blue car at 90 degrees blocking the whole road. Another car with the front busted, was still at the small storage lane. Ironically, as I looked on, I saw the same green shirt guy I met at the lift standing at the blue car holding his handphone. This time, he looked rather worried. Wasn't really in the mood to help, so I moved on to the next lane and drove off. Guess I should count my blessings. If I had not been tired and lethargic, I might've been involved in the accident!! Ironic isn't it?

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