Another Afternoon..

Had to get back home in the afternoon, cos the building maintenance was coming over to fix a wall crack and a waterless tap. So, after having hotdogs and icecream at Ikea, we headed home to watch "Don't mess with the Zohan" courtesy of a friend from the office. After that, it became pretty bored, and I ended up logging on to yahoo answers to see if I can get to level 2. No its not a facebook application. You just help others answer questions that they enquire.

It's surprising what people ask, and the genre I chose on a weekend was of course (NOOO not engineering or construction or safety) .....anime. Some questions are rather amusing and you'd be surprised what people ask on the net.

Some questions were like:
1. How did Sasuke Uchiha get so fast?
During the Chunin exam, Sasuke got fast enough to match Lee's speed without weights. How is this possible during one month, considering Sharingan cannot copy speed, as it's different than jutsus or taijutsu -- you can't COPY speed.
2. Which episode did kakashi try to teach naruto chidori?
3. Teen titans has been canceled for like ever but i don't get the last episode when Beast Boy tries to make Terra remember him what happens after that i don't get it also i know they might make an un animated movie of it but will the actual show ever return thanks.
4. Where's Sasuke Uchiha actually??? Can anyone tell me...

Best part was that I could answer them. Man, I have to start getting a life!!!

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