Free coffee at Starbucks!!

There was this email circulating around on Starbucks giving out free coffee today from 5pm to 7pm. While a few colleagues thought of it as a hoax, a few others confirmed that it was real and that Starbucks have events like this once a year.

At the office, I had a choice of going home early but skipping free coffee or getting free coffee but going home a bit later, and I decided on the former. When I got over to my gf's office, she wasn't ready, so I had the time to walk over to a nearby Starbucks.

Didn't really feel that packed when I got there. Was actually quite surprised that the queue was only till about 5-10 customers. A moment later, while I was in the queue, another 5-10 people turned up and a longer queue started to form. An Ang Mo lady queued behind me and asked me if it was really free. I told her, 'Yes, it's free, but it's also for a good cause. You can make a donation to the Salvation Army if you wanted to. Of course, it's entirely voluntary.' When I reached the donation box, I emptied whatever coins I had. Should be anywhere around $3-$4. The lady saw me doing that and took out a couple of dollars. Happily reaching the front of the queue, I got my tall latte, and started moving out of Starbucks. An attendant smiled and asked if I'd like a straw. I declined, but I have to say that it does feel good to have good service even though free drinks were being served.

All in all, it's a simple but good experience. I donated to charity and got free coffee. What else can u ask for?

Wanted to keep the receipt as a memento, but this is all I could get before handing it over to get my drink! Haha!

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