Was having flu for almost 2 weeks. Nagging headache wasn't helping and tooth pains made chips out of what was left of my mood. Add salt to pain and my boss gives us a whole list of inspections to be completed in two weeks.

Come Friday and I was really exhausted. Mustered whatever was left of my strength and got over with the first inspection site in the morning. Rushed lunch with a buddy, and then got down to taking a restatement for one of those neverending cases I was holding. By 4pm, I was almost ready to call it quits, when I get an email telling me that things were completed at a nearby site. Got down and realised that they had done like 10% of what they said they did and told them I'd be back to check on them another time. Flew over to ta pao dinner, desert and coke (the drinking one) and then rushed home. By the time the day ended, it felt so good to just drop on the bed and play dead.

Come Saturday (it's a weekend and I don't work weekends), and went to SITEX 2008 after breakfast. Finished late afternoon and got home to do housework. Finished cleaning 2 toilets and 2 rooms, and then headed out to buy dinner. Got home, had dinner and had some time with Red Alert 3 on a Soviet Mission. It's now 11.00pm..and again, I'm exhausted. Hope I do get a good nights sleep tonight.

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