It's 2009!

It's 15 mins away from the new year, and we're back home waiting for the countdown. Went to a couple of shops earlier and it seemed dead quiet. Perhaps everyone is at Marina Barrage, St James or some other place ushering the new year.

For me, new year is another one of those days that gives me an excuse to send mass messages, contact those that I haven been in touch with throughout the year, letting some friends know that they aren't forgotten and perhaps setting a resolution or two.

My new year resolution? Never thought of it. Maybe exercise more? Live healthier? Go home more often? Or maybe something less holistic... like writing a book? learning a new instrument? taking a course? Right now, I guess I'm happy just living day by day and taking things as they come.

So, to everyone reading this... its about time to countdown. So, wish everyone a Happy New Year!! And Bestest of Wishes!!!

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