We went to a semi-popular restaurant for dinner. After having our orders taken, I saw a little tiny roach climbing along the wall downwards towards the table. By natural instinct, I took a couple of serviettes, removed the roach and placed it in the unlit candle holder at the far side of the table. The waiter came over and saw a serviette in the candle holder. Looking curiously at what was inside, I whispered to him that it was a little roach. Startled, he looked at it again, as if wondering if it was dead or alive. Again, I whispered to him..."shhh.. It's probably dead" and he nodded in recognition. After lunch, we asked for the bill, and the waiter came over and told us to wait. He then brought over 2 cups of ice cream and told us his manager was really sorry for what happened. Things like this happens, and most restaurants wont even bother with the ice cream. Having eaten that, I'm obliged not to mention the restaurants name. It just reminds me of the coffee shop opposite our office, the kfr that one guy bit at kfc and the impopular prata ring incident. Ah well, this is nothing compared to the rat we saw during breakfast in a Hanoi hotel.

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