Mood swings..

I guess life is really a journey. A long one that connects many winding roads. Some of these roads are bumpy, others are smooth. When we ride along a smooth road, we never notice how nice the ride is. But when we reach a bump, we lament how hard life is to us.

Perhaps if we spent a minute or two counting our blessings, we’d be less consumed by the little things that seem to affect us that much. Sometimes, it feels like the road reaches a dead end. And things keep going wrong along the way. But after some time, if we looked back, we’d laugh at why we were so affected by it at that moment.

It’s just that life is ironic. And it’s the irony that makes life interesting. It’s like winning something, but losing it the next second. I won a lucky draw, 15th prize of a $100 voucher, and lost it the next instance. It’s like making a new friend, only to find out that the friend is leaving the company in a week’s time. I guess without the downs in life, the ups would never be as sweet. Winning a prize is much better than not winning. Making a friend is better than not having known one.

Perhaps what I need is another dose of positive thinking.


Anonymous said...

u seems depressed...well life is nothing but a journey..we go thru lows and highs....we be hapi and we be sad...

maybe u have been stagnant at some position/levels for some times...maybe u shd move on in life???

an advise.........tkl

Phenom said...

ya... I given up on finding the vouchers... moving on!!!!

No worries!!