I hate haircuts..

Was driving home, when I decided it was time to get a haircut. As usual, I'd hop by QB House for a quick cut...and then head home. Forgot the previous haircut I had there, they had this trainee walking around, and they unleashed him on me. That was history.
This time, I went in and saw two older aunties that looked like they can cut hair. The moment I sat down, I noticed something wrong. The both of them shouted in unison "suai ge". I know I am a bit good looking la, but I didn't think hairdressers could be that brutally honest. Then, after 2 seconds, I recall seeing a flash of light and out of nowhere, a trainee appeared and dawned upon my head like a vulture searing flesh from a corpse. My first observation was that he is nowhere near the term "suai ge". My second observation was that he seemed too young to be able to cut hair.
He started off saying "ni yao zhen me jian?" (how u wan to cut?) and his verbal language seemed to indicate that I might be mistaken after all. When he finally finished asking, he started off with a razor on the back. At first cut, I knew I was going to regret letting him touch my hair. Then, he attacked my hair like they were the culprits who murdered his family. Half way, I wanted to ask him to stop. But I decided it was already too late. So, silently, I mourned for the death of my folicles and hoped that they had a good life on my head while they were alive.

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