Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to the latest addition to my landlords family.. Mojo. Having a dog in the house kinda adds some joy to the family. But of course, there are pros and cons to everything.

Mojo is the kind of dog that loves to hang around others legs. No he doesn't free himself while clinging to you, but he does have a little problem. He can't seem to recognise anyone. The moment you reach the door, he barks incessantly. The barking only stops when you get in the house, walk close to him and either give him a pat or let him smell your legs. That's not much of a problem, except when I'm out late. I came back one day at 2am, and before I could whip out the keys, the bark alarm sounded sending signals to everyone in the house that I was back late. I opened the door only to look sheepishly at 3 torchlights shining at my face. Staying at a rented place means that I have to be considerate and come back relatively early.

Just a few days ago, I left something in the car. It was about 12am. I got downstairs, ran towards Mojo and pat him to make sure that he doesn't bark. I escaped the house, got to the car and got what I was looking for. What I forgot was that I still had to get back to the house and pass Mojo a second time. By the time I ran in the house, it was already too late. My hand touched his furry head as my landlord came out of the room. I looked at the landlord sheepishly and slowly made my way back to my room.


Jing..xx said...

Hey, take a better picture of Mojo lei... I see all black only.

Phenom said...

err...wanted to... but my landlord is back... wait they not here then I take yah...hehe