Communication.. 101

Lesson 1 in communication: Seek first to understand what others understand, before you think you understand what other understand from you.

We were heading to a convention when a collegue messaged us that he had arrived. The message went "Go to K4....etc etc". So, the moment we drove into the carpark, the first thing we looked out for was a K. Looming ahead us was this sign on the column that showed L10...and obviously beside it was K10. Going in the right direction, we headed past a few more columns and reached K4. Not seeing my colleagues car anywhere, we started cursing and complaining that he had not arrived. As we walked to the carpark staircase, we gave him a call and hey, guess what.. they were at Carrefour..

Lesson 2: It's not what you say, it's not even how you say it. It's how much flak you can say it with..

I always admired people who could speak well. Sometimes, with just the right words at the right time, things could be settled just like that! We met up with an agent for a viewing, an agent which we didn't really see eye to eye with and had frequent if not many arguments with. Half way through the conversation, her boss appears driving a huge Mercedes. As usual, we continued with our ever inquisitive barrage of questions to the agent and this new fella. What baffled us was that he sold 8 units on the ground floor where other agents were having difficulties selling them. His response was.. well .. "At the hierarchy of pyramids, as you grow older, you'd realise that having a place that your kids can run around, while you observe them at the safety of the ground floor, might be a blessing. Furthermore, regulations state that you cannot have a physical wall at the ground floor to demarcate your territory. However, no one mentioned anything about creepers. So, with a natural boundary made by the creepers, the patio is practically all yours." Had a hard time avoiding all the smoke he was releasing.. pity the 8 guys who bought the ground floor units from him.

Lesson 3: Diagnosis must precede prescription

We were at a Teppanyaki restaurant having our dinner. One of the special dishes involved the waiter putting flame on the meat using matches and alcohol. The waiter took out some match sticks and nonchalantly lighted them with one hand and held a bottle of cooking wine in another. Having seen this before, me and my other half instinctively moved our chairs back a little. The chef made a giggle and told us that "If there's anyone that is in danger, that would be me....not you." Having said that, he proceeded to put some cooking wine on the meat, lighted the wine and scalded his finger. Feeling sheepish, he turned around and poured some gravy on his finger. This chef kept quiet the rest of the evening.


adriantai said...

hmmm... you communication guru now?!? kekekekekeke...

just make sure i dun catch u doing either one of the above... though lesson 3 sounded very much like the "Long Island Iced Tea" incident.

Phenom said...

Sei Chai Pow..