oops... Reply to!!

Ever tried flaming someone on the mail, and then sending the mail straight back to that person? I remember some years back when a colleague was complaining about a consultant, on how stupid and idiotic the consultant was. Well of course, his intent was to vent his frustrations to us but somehow, having a sudden disability of motor skills, he clicked on the 'reply to all' followed by the 'send' button on his mail. 2 seconds later, a state of panic commences and he goes round all our cubicles asking us... "Die la what to do..". Lucky thing was that the consultant replied to say that he was sorry he caused so much trouble and that he would buck up to improve.

Just a while ago, the same thing happened to another colleague. Recieving a task we were all dreading to accept, the colleague wanted to inform everyone that she had been arrowed. Having the same distorted motor skills as the guy in the first para, she clicked on the two dreaded combinations.. 'reply to all' and 'send'. Well, all goes to say, the archer recieved the note on his arrow. Once again, luck was on her side considering that the archer had a sense of humor.

It does happen to everyone once in a while, so the best thing to do is.... look at the receipients before you click 'send' la!!! hehehe..

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adriantai said...

what's the point of looking at the recipient list if you still gonna click on SEND.

see list... click SEND... say Aiyah! :)