My england powderful leh..

Went back in kl for cny. While having dinner with my cousins, we had a casual chat which somehow led to my cousin naming cartoon characters like sylvester, goofy and tweety bug. Tweety bug??!? hahaha... reminds me of how anus bug got his name..
The conversation went to a few years back where he was telling us about how good the 'ala-pata' was. Baffled by what he said, he went on to explain that it was a 4 man group that sang with unaccompanied voices. Gave us such a good laugh... In case you are just as blur...he was referring to 'a capella'. Another instance was when he was talking about the Friends actress Courteney Cox.. pronouncing it as 'ku-or-re-te-ney cox' everyone had a hard time understanding which Indian Actress he was referring to.
Anyway, there are tons of others who mispronounce words like Japanese and Selphy (to Ja_Penis and Syphilis in case you are wondering) so its not too bad if we mispronounce a word or two sometimes..saw this on a website for most mispronounced web addresses... these are normal websites...enjoy finding out what they really are:



adriantai said...

you go to those sites?!? pervert! :)

adriantai said...

in case u forgotten, bug was a reference to YOU... :P

Phenom said...

yah bugdy rite? Those are normal sites the therapist-finder, pen-island and powergen-italia...boy, are you slow or what..

adriantai said...

i know la... i checked out the sites before that. saje kacau u... else how u get comments in each post?!? see, like this, u already got 4! :P