It's one of those days. Everyone is either out of the office or having a meeting. Not wanting to stay in the office, I scheduled an inspection and got into the ugly blue polo T.

To sum things up:
- It was raining.
- There was no car park when I reached.
- The lot that the guard found for me was the only width from one side of the side mirror to the other, I had to squeeze the car in, and after folding the mirrors, climb out from the back of the car.
- Inspection sucked. Dunno what to see or ask for, as it was some new thing we were doing.
- Finish inspection, have to climb back into the front of the car, in front of 20 external guys who joined me for the inspection.
- Went back to the office, and had to walk out 1km to buy stuff and back
- Walked back and waited one hour for a colleague to come out from a meeting and have lunch.
- The colleague let go my aeroplane!!! to eat with two bosses :(
- My boss come over, and the only thing he can think of asking me is "how much is the carpark rebate for office ah, $4? or $3?"
- The predators surround me to ask me how to do their work. Another colleague laughs at me for being surrounded and said something...dunno is I look like god or dog.
- God mother bluff me she sign 3 million condo under me le, just to make me tell them how to send letter.
- Close fren told me I am not fren, but "some pple".
- Nice Baal come late because he return overall, and bluff me the FruitBrews in Brewerks is kopi.
- I never go Sheng Siong in the afternoon, cos colleague let aeroplane. And office got no more 3 in 1 kopi, my only source of happiness left.

The only positive thing that happen, is the waiter paid for our jug of beer. (ya free beer) Maybe because he know it is not kopi.

Sigh, another day in my boring life..

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