Sleep is 5 words ...

Remember once when we were attached to a French company, and a buddy and me had to like sit in briefing after briefing by the boss and the rest of the engineers. One time, I slept really late, after a late night outing. Half way through a briefing, my eyes just closed shut, and I fell asleep. It took a huge nudge on the ribcage from that friend to wake me up. 
Well, haven't fallen asleep during briefings or meetings for quite some time. Last time I took a nap in the office was last week? And the best part was, it was after lunch, at about 1.30pm. I was thinking of taking a 15 minute nap. But my Director had to appear at my cubicle at 1.40pm!! Just 10 minutes after I closed my eyes!! You wont see him appearing 10 minutes after I have started work, or completed some important task. But nooo...the moment I take 10 winks, he appears. Think the management has some supernatural abilities that none of us know about. Heck they might not even be human!.. (hint: anal probe)

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