Early morning and we got a colleague asking where is the newbie going to sit. Got a bit shocked that the newbie had arrived, as we were expecting the 2 guys to come a few weeks later. Just before the newbie arrived, I told another colleague that he should clear the table for the newbie, and he gave me the killer look and a mutantic growl. Rawwwrrr!!

The newbie came, and to our shock, it was a lady instead of a guy. Before we even got her name, the colleague I asked earlier started packing the table for her and removing everything from that table voluntarily. We were all in shock as our boss was known to hire only males, as opposed to the other 2 bosses who hired only muscles and girls respectively.

One of my colleague asked her what she majored in. And to our shock again... she said "Pharmacology!!". What was a Pharmacist doing joining a construction branch? She said "Career change". And the rest of the colleagues said "Boss really changed surname le" (Chinese metaphor for sudden change in character due to sudden shock or anxiety)

Finally, reason took over me and I went to my com to check on the newbies list. "Ok, she is from hygiene" I blurted. And the depressed face sinks in to some of my other colleagues, or maybe just one of them. She left, we couldn't stop laughing, and that colleague started putting everything he had cleared back onto the table.

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