Was early to work this morning. When I drove in the carpark, my 'si tau' was driving behind me... and when i parked, his car was 3 cars away from mine. But he took too long to get out of the car, so I went upstairs, got to my cubicle, opened the pc and started typing away. While doing that, he comes in, walks past my cubicle and with a shocked expression, said "woaaahhh, ani zha ah...hahaha" as if this is the first time I come at 8am. Then, one more colleague goes past and says, "wah so early" and another "U slept here overnight isit?" and another "His clothes in bag la, he just change only"... waa never stops. I really come that late meh? hmm... and this reminds me of the times when i wear formal.. "waaa today must have meeting" "he only wear formal when got impt meeting" "waa handsome lei (sarcastically)" and "I never see u wear formal b4 lei!"... think i am either dem prominent, or dem visible.

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