In a dilemma on what phone to get next... Omnia sucks big time (I'm using it), and Nokia is nothing like it used to be. Vivaz is problematic. And Iphone 4?

iPhone 4 Reported to Have Yellow Screen and Signal Issues
Source: Hardwarezone.com

Engadget and other tech news sites are reporting that users have complained about yellow spots and banding lines on the screen of the new Apple iPhone 4. While those phones can be replaced for new ones, it also seems that there may be an issue with the reception of the phone, as holding it in your hands will cause the signal to drop to nothing. That's not a good sign if you think about it, as the new antenna located in the steel band at the sides of the new iPhone is supposed to help boost signals, not cause them to drop if wrapped in fleshy hands.

Think my hands are considered fleshy. So how to use? $%#@$#^

Nokia no good, Blackberry difficult to sms, Ericcson software problem, Samsung reception sucks, Motorola / LG never try b4, HTC tried my brother in law phone difficult to use.

Think I just buy pager la.. haiya..

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