Interesting Meetings...

We'll meetings aren't supposed to interesting or fun, but the one meeting I always end up enjoying, even after dragging my feet to drive there, is the demolition code meeting. Perhaps these guys (including myself) have all been exposed to too much demolition debris that we are a bit screw loose in the head, or maybe it's just the group, they're all quirky characters that are well, experts in their field, but still willing to take in constructive criticism...

Interestingly, the conversation didn't stop at demolition of buildings, but went on to
- why GST (goods and services tax) was added on top of water conservation tax - making it tax on tax when water conservation is not a service;
- what happened when a minister went to an estate and how much they spent on refurbishing the buildings with plants, carpets, buggy and the sort, just to welcome the minister;
- how projects are awarded to companies based on how much the directors liked the company and where months of assessments were thrown down the drain;
- where the Convenor of the meeting is going to treat us for dinner (Top of the M??) after we publish the code;
- if any one knew whats the difference between an overpass and a flyover.

Well, there were tons of other side discussions, but these are the few I can recall offhand. Kinda pity that it's the last meeting, but we have each others contact, and we still send requests for help to each other, everytime there's a need.

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