Ramayana.... (Ballet)

Prabu Janaka, the king of Mantili Kingdom has got a very beautiful princess named Dewi Shinta. A competition was conducted to decide who will be the right person to marry Dewi Shinta. The prince of Ayodya Kingdom, R. Rama Wijaya, at last wins the competition.
Prabu Rahwana, the ruler of Alengkadiraja Kingdom is eager to marry Dewi Widowati. After knowing Shinta, he assumes Dewi Shinta is the incarnation of Dewi Widowati whom he has wanted for a long long time.

Dandaka Forest

Rama, along with Shinta and his brother Leksmana, is adventuring until they arrive in Dandaka Forest. Meeting Shinta before, Rahwana is eager to possess her. In order to realise his plot, Rahwana orders his follower Marina to change into a golden deer. Being interested in the beauty of the deer, Shinta asks Rama to capture the deer for her. Rama leaves Shinta to hunt the deer.
After a while, Shina becomes anxious and asks Leksmana to look for Rama.

Before leaving, Leksmana draws a magic circle on the ground to protect Shinta. Rahwana tries to kidnap Shinta, but does not manage to, due to the magic circle. Rahwana transforms himself into an old beggar, and convinces Shinta to leave the circle. He takes her and flys to Alengka Kingdom.

Running after the Deer

Rama shoots the deer with his magic arrow, but the deer transforms back into its giant form, Marica. A battle breaks between Rama and Marica. Rama shoots Marica with his bow, killing him on the spot. Leksmana arrives and requests Rama to return to where he left Shinta.

The kidnap of Shinta

On his way to Alengka, Rahwana meets a bird named Jatayu. After realising Shinta is kidnapped, Jatayu attacks Rahwana to free her from her captor but is defeated by Rahwana.
Rama and Leksmana realise that Shinta is no longer in the forests and sets out to look for her. They meet the injured Jatayu and Rama tries to kill Jatayu, thinking that it kidnapped Shinta. Leksmana stops Rama, and gets Jatayu to tell them what has happened. Jatayu explains the situation and later dies.

A white monkey Hamuman arrives and tells Rama that he has been delegated by his uncle, Sugriwa to look for heroes who can kill Subali, who has taken Dewi Tara, Sugriwa's beloved woman, by force. Rama decides to help Sugriwa.

Kiskendo Cave

Sugriwa brings Rama and Leksmana to the cave, and a fierce battle between Sugriwa and Subali commences. Subali is defeated by Sugriwa with the help of Rama and Leksmana, and Dewi Tara is saved. Sugriwa decides to assist Rama in his quest, and sends Hanuman as a spy to Alengka Kingdom.

Argasoka Garden

Trijata, Rahwana's niece, comforts Shinta in the garden. Rahwana arrives and asks Shinta to be his wife. Shinta refuses. Rahwana is furious and tries to kill Shinta, but is stopped by Trijata. Hanuman appears in the garden and tells Shinta that Rama is on his way to save her. Rahwana's son, Indrajid, captures Hanuman. Hanuman was to be killed, but Kumbakarna, Rahwana's brother prevents it and is sentenced to exile. Hanuman is sentenced to be burnt alive. With fire surrounding his body, Hanuman was not killed, but instead used the fire to burn down Alengka Palace.

Rama's Bridge

Rama and his ape troops makes a bridge to Alengka Palace. When the bridge is completed, Hanuman returns and reports on the situation at Alengka. Rama is pleased, and orders Hanuman, Hanggada, Hanila and Jembawan to lead troops to attack Alengka.

The Total War

An all out war ensues between the giants of Alengka and the ape troops. Indrajid was killed by Leksmana. Kumbakarna, after a huge battle, is defeated. Rahwana takes control of the troops of Alengka and faces Rama in battle. Rama kills Rahwana with his bow. And to be certain that Rahwana stays dead, Hanuman drops Mount Sumawana on Rahwana.

Rama and Shinta reunites!

After the death of Rahwana, Shinta is reunited with Rama. Rama refused to accept Shinta, as he considers her impure. Shinta is depressed, and burns herself with fire to prove her innocence. With the help of the God of Fire, Shinta survives the fire.

Rama, having seen proof of her innocence, finally accepts Shinta back to his embrace.

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