Eerie Encounter...

Do you believe in the supernatural? Ever seen demons (minus ur colleagues) lurking around in the night?

We were drinking at a pub till late night, when we saw a white figure at a distance away from where we were drinking.

It started off as a blurred image, and slowly manifested itself as a sitting apparation.

The sitting apparation started moving itself and soon we saw it in an upright position floating endlessly on the spot which we were observing. A while later, the apparation dissapeared into the night, bring an eerie sensation to all those observing it.

I managed to take some photos of what might be a real *****. It's not something we should mention, especially at night.

On another note, I guess it might've been too much bacardi and an aunty in white. Think I saw the same aunty walking past the car when I was driving back home. (No la, not move faster than car la, saw at traffic lights)

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