Orc Kingdom

I realise that everytime I wanna complain about something, I will use the forest, animals or something fantastical to describe things and people... this time.. no difference..

Early in the morning, and the orc king was having breakfast with his favourite minion. While they were gnashing down the deer they had caught, they caught some adventurers walking past the area. The minion called out to the adventurers and asked them over. The adventurers consist of a tall, dark and handsome knight, a detail gorging female mage and a legal cleric.
Seeing that the orc king meant no harm, the adventurers approached and asked them what was going on. The orc king explained that there was a gathering, to prepare for the oncoming war. It seems that rivalling tribes of orcs were doing a lot better than the orcs in this kingdom.

The king tried to explain that the downfall of his kingdom and the lack of strength of his troops had nothing to do with him, as there was a congregation of other orc kings, and the verdict of his troops would depend on which king had more power. The king also explained that orcs were graded as slaves orcs, warrior orcs, mage orcs or king orcs the moment they were brought in to the camp and that any changes to this grading should be done but is not, until 2 to 3 years later when the camp decides that the orc should be reassessed.

But of course, orcs could rise in level, based on their achievements. If a warrior orc killed 50 humans, and he did it when the orc kings were around, he had a high chance of being a orc knight. But if the orc warrior killed 10,000 humans, in the dark cave, then he might not get anything, or might just be condemned or sidelined, as the orc warrior's efforts would not have been seen.

Also, a slave orc who worked harder than a warrior orc, may be rewarded better than a warrior orc. If a warrior orc were to get 1 fish, and a slave were to get 5, it only meant that the slave orc was better in dealing with its work than the warrior orc was. If you got 1 fish, you know where u stand!

The handsome knight, being appalled, decided to ask the orc king. "Dear King, if u were an adventurer like me, knowing how many fishes i have and how many fishes i could have caught, would u stay in this forest, or would u go to another kingdom?" The King replied.."Why don't u do whatever u can in my kingdom for 5 yrs, get some abilities and then go elsewhere and run your own kingdom?" The knight laughed and got the hint from the king. The knight still doesn't understand why the orc king still does not let the knight go over to the uruk-hai camp, since the knight is not valued in the orc kingdom.

That being said, the knight has changed his opinion, and reckon that the uruk hai camp is no longer habitable. Perhaps, its a twist of fate that might spur the knight to finally go join the templars instead.


atai said...

ahhh... appraisal?

Phenom said...

nope... breakfast