Licence to Lift!

Finally! The course is over! Just took the exam this morning, and I am finally qualified as a lifting supervisor! Not that I can ever make a career out of it, or that I'm supposed to put up a report after the course, but it just feels good closing up the loop after a gruelling week of sitting there and listening to lectures.
Was nice getting to know 2 colleagues whom I seldom communicate with better, and I wont deny that it's a good break from work. Monday is back to the drawing board, and I can expect more PARC spelt backwards coming, but well, what comes will come.
So, congratulate me! I am a licenced lifting supervisor now. And anyone who needs to coordinate operators, riggers and signalmen, please contact me. A minimal fee can be negotiated. Haha.


adriantai said...

wow... that's you?!? you become more handsome already...

anyway, next time u come here, i got a few things for you to lift... :P

Phenom said...

thanks hor... wonder if there is copyright issue using that person's pic... the pic is from my companies public website..