Harry Potter!

Yaay! Managed to catch Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince this morning. No spoilers here.. I'm not mentioning a thing.. but I do have something against cliff hangers..
And what does RBA stand for? Royal British Architect? Risk Based Assessor? Real Big A******? Hmm..
Yep, haven read the book..
And I'm very sure that guy diden die. He can't die. The other guy probably put him in a deep sleep that mimics death or something.
Oops.. is this considered a spolier? Okok zipp..... Hahahaha


Anonymous said...

I've read the book. RAB is Sirius Black's brother \(^.^)/

Anonymous said...

By the way, RAB died

Jenny Tan said...

Alamak, what century r u from, haven't read Harry Potter??? The fellow died lah, everyone knows that oledi lah!!! aiyo!

Phenom said...

isit? I diden read the book lei...too lazy haha