Today was a bad day for me. Half way through the day, frustration just set in. It's wasn't the stress of meetings and work I was supposed to deal with, sarcasm I kept receiving or crap that kept piling. Something just broke inside today. Felt heavy and tired, like the whole weight of the world just dropped on me. Can't explain the feeling, the lethargy and the lack of mood to get anything done.

Finished my meeting late afternoon, and felt like throwing in the towel. Finished up what I wanted to do for the day, and a colleague mentioned as a passing remark that I was just too efficient, so efficient, that it's just irritating. I guess it's just cumulative. It's getting difficult to put on a smile everyday, and harder and harder day by day to make the people happy. Think I really suck at being a person. Sigh.

Going to drink cough mixture and sleep. Good nite.