Think I'll just write a few words before I go to bed. Dun blame me if it dun make sense. Really tired. Left shoulder still a bit sore. Colleague laughed at me using 'feng yeu' to rub my shoulder cos I had no 'deep heat' in the office. Like 'feng yeu' is some miracle water... cough, drink 2 drops... shoulder blade pain, rub 1 handfull... boss come, open the lid (he hates the smell...haha). And feel like a flu is coming up. Having headaches the whole day. Ah well...better go to bed, tomorrow is a long long day. Got to take 3 hyper-speed statements, go for 'department birthday lunch' (hais.. dun ask), draft case report and review my %@^%$">&^%@^%$# calculation & see why I get a tonnage of 50 instead of 2.

Ok good nite and rest well everyone..

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