Post-Rojak Action...

Went to Pek Kio for dinner. Halfway walking to the hawker center, we came across some cameramen taking pictures and videos. Looked like they were from Vasantham Central.

We went to the next area to avoid the cameras and ordered our food. Before the food came, the camera crew came over to our side and started fliming.

A lady in white (left) went in a hawker stall and the camera crew followed suit. It was then that we realised that it wasn't a film... but rather cameramen taking footage of a health inspector inspecting the hawker stall. Took about 5 mins before the inspector came out, and we heard her asking the hawker to show her his fingernails. After that, she expounded advice on how to keep the stall clean. On a side note, some of the other stall owners were busy packing up their stalls to avoid the lady from going in to check.

I guess this is all in response to the recent rojak incident. And perhaps, a signal to stall owners to keep their stalls clean is better than nothing.