Have a neighbour upstairs that is so considerate that he/she listens to techno music full blast with the woofer on the whole night!

First time I went upstairs, a young girl greeted me. I politely asked her if it was 'possible to tune it down a little'. She apologised and told me that they had switched off the player. Thought that was the end of it.

Few days later, it happens again. I go upstairs, and this time, I can hear people shuffling around saying "Eh complain, complain... complain, complain". The door opened, and I was greeted by a young guy who came out in his boxers and nothing else, having a tatoo across his shoulder and holding a cigarette on one hand and a glass of something that looks like vodka. Again, I chose to be polite and asked him if he could 'help lower down the volume'. Albeit his looks, he was rather polite, telling me that they had already tuned down the volume and apologising a couple of times.

So, 2 is a couple..and I guess that should be it... but man was I wrong.

Right just now, the woofer and techno was on again, full blast. And mind me... but its 12am. I walked upstairs... and pressed the doorbell.... no one answered. I waited a minute. Then pressed the door bell again. Again no one answered. I think I did that 4 times and I guess no matter how many times I ring the door bell, no one was going to open the door.

I went downstairs, and the woofer was off. So I wrote a note, went back upstairs and slip it in their unit.

"Dear tenant/owner,
Appreciate if you could be a little more considerate. You might not need to sleep or work the next day, but not all of us are that fortunate. I have politely asked for you to help tone it down a little twice, plus this time thrice. The next time I visit, it will be with the police.
Hope to have your kind cooperation. Thank you!"

If they still don't get the hint... I give up...I'm dialing 999 or whatever number I'm supposed to dial here...


adriantai said...

hmmm... if the police do visit them even if its not you who called the police, your neighbours will surely 'pay you a visit'. :)

Phenom said...

dun mind though... cos they are really making a racket.. think its a couple of kids sharing a place, and one of them is making all that noise. The rest is probably as fed up of the guy as we are, so hopefully he would find another place to rent.

Jing..xx said...


I have this upstairs neighbour who lets their clothes drip down on all the other ppl's clothes hanging below.

I also went and banged on their door and fortunately they stopped.

Then one day, not sure if same guy dropped their bamboo pole down and it got lodged outside my window. I waited 2hrs for them to claim it and they didn't, then confiscated it. Can't let it stay there and be a falling hazard!

Phenom said...

Lucky u... my guy doesn't get the hint...or pretends not to.. wahaha