Computer dummy part 1

While I was setting up a new laptop with Windows Vista, I realised that the wireless connection somehow could not detect the router network. Somehow, everyone else's network is visible in the wireless connection list, except for my own network.

So, instead of calling for the 24hr hotline for the router (the last time I called, couldn't understand a word they were saying), I decided to use the trial and error method to fix the problem.
Started off customising the MAC filter on the router admin page @ to include the laptop in the list of allowed computers. Realised that the new laptop wasn't in the DHCP clients list (Dun ask me what that is... up till now, I don't know a thing about what I just said). After meddling around for like 1/2 an hour, I finally got the laptop in, and added the physical address to the MAC filter list (go start, run, type "cmd", type "ipconfig /all", and you'd see the physical address). That being done, I go back on to the wireless connection list and guess what? Yaay! The network is still not there.
So I guess maybe the network needs to be added, before it can be seen. Under network connections, I added a new network, and keyed in my WEP password which was configured earlier. The network was added successfully. And guess what? Yaay! Still cannot see the network.
So I decided that maybe I need to manually connect the laptop to the router by using a LAN cable and then configure the MAC filter options from the admin page. Worse, nothing happened, but I have a whole lot of cables connected everywhere, and I have to get them all out.
After like 2 hrs of meddling with the laptop... I finally gave up.
Just as I was shutting down the pc, an ephipany hit me. I walked over to the modem and router, off the power switch, switch the power switch back on and guess what? My network appeared!!
Dem, feel like a donkey. Should've switched it off much much earlier.

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