Computer dummy part 2

As though what happened yesterday wasn't enough, I get back to the office, set up my pc (we just shifted down one floor for renovations) and guess what? The network doesn't work!!

So, this time, I had to get a little help. My colleague waved at a guy in black t-shirt who was supposed to be from IT support. He comes over, looks at the problem (limited or no connectivity) then tells me he needs to go get a form before he can start helping me. Half an hour passes, and the man in black is still no where to be seen. I walked 2 steps ahead, and lo and behold, about 7 men in black all sprawled at the pantry area sleeping. I caught the guy who told me he was getting a form, asked him where is the form and dragged him to my pc. 5 secs later, he tells me he needs to get someone more senior, and he goes off. Minutes later, he comes back with senior 1, and senior 1 takes one look at the pc, asks me if i had restarted my pc to see if it works, then tells me he needs to get his senior. I seriously was wondering if that meant that I would have a greatgrandmaster pc repairer at my table by the end of the day.
Instead, I got 5 guys standing around my cubicle, asking me funny questions. We did some cable shuffling, tried checking DCHP...DHCP whatever its called, tried renewing the ip etc. To cut things short, in summary, I have to call the Helpdesk line tomorrow or the day after, and they will send a real Helpdesk Engineer to come down and take a look at my problem. Sheesh!

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