Park in the neighbourhood

Going through the weekend, we found ourselves in the usual dilemma of contemplating where to have dinner. Having Lobster Bisque at Delifrance or ordering a Pizza or McDonalds have become more of a routine. So, today, we decided to go to the nearby Choa Chu Kang Park. Didn't actually know that the park existed...although I only stay like a minute drive from there! Someone mentioned in a forum that the satay there was good. So we decided to give it a try.

We reached the park and was lucky enough to get a carpark considering that the number of lots were limited. 'Rasa Istimewa' tanslated as 'Special Taste', was just beside the carpark. We went to the Restaurant, had a seat, and ordered the usual fare we would order from Newton Circus... stingray, satay and kailan.

The food was somewhat similar to what you'd get at Newton Circus. Difference was, this place was one street away from where I live! Man, I really should go out more...
We finished food and took a stroll along the park. Everyone seemed to be preoccupied with what they were doing. Kids playing with their parents and cycling, adults roller blading or jogging to kip fit, couples spending time together at the benches. I guess this is the hangout for people staying in the NorthVale condo.

There was this sign that caught our attention though...

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