A nice wedding..

Just back from kl. Attended my cousin brother's wedding last weekend. It was pretty much a rush for me, considering that I left on a friday night after work, and had to leave on a Sunday morning.

My cousin brother's wedding was on Saturday. He was at JB, so we took our time to get back to the house in SS2, while he drove back from JB. It was a simple tea ceremony, but something I'd probably remember for a long long time. To me, this cousin brother is like a brother to me. We spend half, if not all, of our childhood together. And we are particularly close, and in certain ways, even closer than my own siblings.

When the time came for the tea ceremony, I was half expecting to be left out as usual. During my cousin sister's wedding, at the end of the ceremony, when it was my turn to drink the wedding couple's tea, someone just made a comment that it wasn't necessary, and I got left out! Well, this time, by gesture, which to me was more than sufficient, my cousin made sure I had tea. It was the best tea I have tasted in a while. Tea never felt so sweet! And it really made my day, if not year.

After the tea ceremony, we took a break then prepared for the wedding dinner. Again, when we reached there, it felt simple. Simple yet nice. We sat and looked at the menu, and at first glance, those in the table exclaimed that they must have spent a bomb on food! There was the usual 4 seasons, sharksfin and stuff. But the little changes in the food made a big impact. The 4 seasons had soft shell crab and a center bowl with scallop which was really nice. The sharksfin was nice. And the third dish was a suckling pig! After my 3rd piece, I felt a bit nauseus. The rest of the spread was fantastic.

What won the wedding though was not the food, but the wedding presentation of photos taken during the day. I would have to say that it was the best, most wonderful picture shoot I've ever seen in a wedding. You see, the cameramen did not just show conventional photos of weddings like they always do. The photos they took were all of expressions! The photography really caught the moment and showed everyone the happiness, elated, joy and heartfelt feelings of the day. It concentrated on how people really felt, rather than what was going on. Again, it was the best photography I have yet to see. It was fantastic. When it was done, everyone clapped. Everyone. Then, most of us just had the same comment. When they look back at the pictures in future, they would really have something to remember.

When all was done, my cousin came over and patted me on the back. He gave me a smile and told me that I am not going to go off that easy, without having a drink with him and his gang. Lucky for me, his gang was in the restroom. I managed to 'siam', but not before a shot of red wine courtesy of my other cousins and uncles.

Seriously, I felt I wasn't really able to help much and I wished I could've done much more. But all in all, everything was great, it was a memorable event, and the best I can do is pray for a happy and great life for my dear cousin and his wonderful wife!

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