Annoying works!!

Bro just went to Geneva with the boss again... not that he is always in Geneva, but he always goes overseas and sleeps overnight with the boss... separately of course..
This time round, he even went to Old Trafford to catch Man U in action.. eugh.. jealous...

Of course I couldn't miss an opportunity to ask for souvenirs...and as expected, 90% of such requests are normally ignored or purposefully forgotten. This time was no different.. especially when I asked for some LV and Chanel bags. After all, bags are cheaper in Europe right. And being me, it's impossible to stop at one, so the moment he said cannot, I had to ask for a jersey, expecting that he would again say no...well, we can ask all we want right? that's a given. And who buys souvenirs nowadays?

But what shocked me was not his response to the jersey... but more of the next message via watsapp.

"You don't have this right??"
"Waaaa really?"
"Ya dun haf"

My half victory half sheepish response came out that way. Well, after all, that bro is a nice guy... so sometimes, nice guys deserve nice treatment and it works both ways!! (thick skinned)... hehe I'm gonna accept it graciously... (although I kinda find it hard to find a reason as to why I deserve it)...

Oh well... take first think later.... heh...totally buey pai sei.. ;)... but hmm.. I still have gotten it from him yet... errr...

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