Age of Adaline

Can't believe I actually watched this in the movies... it is one of those incredulous movies, which sets u thinking what if, not in relation to the movie, but more of what if it happened to you.

If you can't grow old at all, what would you then do with your life? And at the end of the movie, adaline is dem happy to see a white hair... something most of us would dread. With all the hardship and difficulties in life, maybe it's not such a good thing to live forever.

This also reminds me of another movie, which the family had the ability to go back and forth in time, by entering a dark space or a cupboard. So you can go back and switch things you'd have regretted doing. But given the opportunity, would you? It might not make a difference, or it might be just too cumbersome after a while, to go back and change everything, everytime something goes wrong.

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