Peh Sin Jia..

Two camps met up today. Discussions were on its way, and the peace treaty was about to be signed, when one of our ex-fighter started taking out a spanner. He dumped the spanner into our end of the machine, seemingly wanting to show his superiority in understanding and to let the other camp know how powerful he is as an ex-fighter. Our druid started casting healing spells in a bid to remedy the situation, and the resident shaman also chipped in to fog the area, so that peace discussions could go on. The other camp, not recognizing that a spanner had been thrown, accepted the treaty.

After the discussions, the druid approached the ex-fighter to try to understand why the spanner was thrown in the midst of treaty discussions. And the ex-fighter insisted that from his past experiences as a fighter, peace should not prevail, and war is the way to go. And his spanner, was something that another ex-fighter had heard of and agreed with that should be thrown. Any further arguments would be futile, and we just have to keep our fingers crossed that these ex-fighters don't end up swinging their swords around.

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