My dad gave me a call and told me that he had insomnia. Well, normally I'd listen and lend an ear, but when he mentioned insomnia, that was my domain!! It was like just the topic I had much more experience on than anyone else could ever have.

Dad, are you on sleeping pills? Not a good solution? Why don't you try:
a) Vitamin B complex from Guardian... serious, it really helps! You'd feel a bit relaxed. Don't bother about the label saying that you should take it in the morning as it gives you energy. You'd be relaxed instead, since we share the same genes;
b) Didn't work? Tried melatonin? The 500mg ones does miracles! And its a hormone based natural remedy. Since its natural, shouldn't have any side effects, except for maybe a bit of memory loss? Don't worry, I only forgot to dress up for the external meeting at 10am today and missed the 2pm discussion entirely today,,, no big deal, everyone forgets things occasionally right..
c) Still not working? Ok before you go for the cough mixture, and assuming you have a sudden allergy (If you don't, just pretend you do), just go to the pharmacist and ask for the drowsy version of antihistamine. First time taking it and it might knock you out a day or two.
d) Ok, since its drastic... here's the cough mixture...
e) I give up... go eat your sleeping pills.

There you have it... my personal remedies for insomnia. I am so successful with it that I no longer have normal insomnia. I now only get those anxiety based complex insomnia problems. The simpler ones that can be treated with the remedies above, well they're gone for good. Which is why I am still typing this in the middle of the night!!

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